How import, export and trade data help your business?

Trade data is used to track the import and export of goods around the world. The data shows you exactly what the import-export business is dealing with. Besides the B2B e-commerce platforms to help promote products (pull marketing), exporters can use trade data solutions to actively find suitable markets and partners (push marketing). Using import and export…More

How to check Suez Canal traffic live map

On 23 March 2021 at 07:40 Eastern European Time (UTC+2), a 400-metre-long (1,300 ft) container ship, Ever Given, ran aground in the Suez Canal in Egypt. The ship was buffeted by a sandstorm and blown by strong winds of up to 74 kilometres per hour (40 knots), causing it to be knocked off course. The vessel collided with the bottom of the canal and became stuck, completely obstructing the…More

10 best memes of Biden fall on Air Force One steps

Joe Biden fell down the stairs yesterday and Twitter users are reacting with memes. Here are 19 of the best memes of Biden fall. Joe Biden stumbled three times as he walked up to the plane in Maryland, and social media users found it pretty hilarious. Here are 10 of the best Biden falling down…More

List of leap years in the 21st century

What is a leap year and how to calculate leap years? The length of one year is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds. This is difficult to calculate, so a regular year has been given 365 days and a leap year has been given 366 days. In leap years, February 29th is…More

30 best quotes that will inspire you in 2021

Start your new day in a positive way A new year is a time to renew our commitment to our business and to working hard at being our best selves. Here are the best quotes that can help you to begin your day in the right frame of mind. Strive not to be a success,…More